About the Store

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A Center for Genuine Vermont Specialty Foods

Today, the Taftsville Country Store still fits the classic definition of a true “Country Store”. The upper floors comprise the owner’s apartment. The local post office has spent most of its time in the store, and is currently located in the old carriage shed attached to the store. You can still buy a newspaper, a quart of milk and a dozen fresh eggs here! Much of the building’s original character is retained. The old wooden floors have been preserved along with the tin ceilings and a brick chimney that rises through the center of the ground floor. Old farm tools and collectibles line the walls. A visit to the store is an opportunity to step back in time, but you’ll also find the finest selection of Vermont cheeses and specialty foods around.

We are best known for our selection of Vermont cheeses, probably the finest you will find anywhere. Vermont is gaining a reputation as the “Napa Valley of Cheese”, and we’ll show you why. We carry over forty different Vermont cheeses,¬†¬†including Cheddar from mild to extra sharp, flavored Cheddar, Colby, Artisan Alpine, Jack, Artisan Manchego, Blue, Brie, Camembert, Chevre, Gouda, some unique farm cheeses that defy classification, and several smoked cheeses. Our assortment includes cow, goat, and sheep milk cheeses, and a number of artisan farmstead cheeses cut from the wheel. Our old standby is a four year old cheddar from Grafton Village Cheese Company, an extra sharp cheddar you’ll have to taste before you leave the store.

In addition to the cheese, you’ll find maple syrup in an array of containers, from tin to imported glass. The selection of gourmet foods boggles the mind! Homemade jams & jellies, conserves, pancakes & muffin mixes, bread & cake mixes, fruit butters, honey, mustards (including a roasted garlic Dijon that’ll make you throw the Grey Poupon away!), pickles, barbecue sauces, pasta & pasta sauces, Vermont smokehouse hams, bacon and sausage.
If you can’t make it to the store, send for a free catalogue or call toll free 1-800-854-0013. By the way, the catalogue is pure Vermont. You’ll want to pin it up somewhere to remind you about a great state and a superb store!¬† Special gift packages are available and everything is shipped from our store with recycled crinkle fluff or biodegradable packing material, no styrofoam from us.

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